Company language courses online

Flexible language lessons for your employees

Give your employees and managers a benefit in the form of internet language courses! Online language courses save not only time but also money. Language lessons take place in the, so-called, virtual classroom where a Berlitz teacher will connect with your employees at an arranged time.
It’s a live lesson which takes place in the form of a conversation entirely in the foreign languagewhich the client wants to study. And that’s not all!

Language lessons in the virtual classroom have a list of advantages!

• Study a foreign language when and where you want
• The possibility of lessons in up to 80 foreign languages!
• Lessons led by a native speaker
• The lessons take place entirely in the foreign language
• Language courses are customised to the needs of your company
• You can record the whole lesson and revise it anytime later
• You get support material for your studies – books and audio CDs
• A Berlitz level placement test for free

A wide selection of foreign languages!

Thanks to the worldwide net of Berlitz language schools we can offer you lessons in up to 80 foreign languages in the form of native speaker led lessons. With the Berlitz language centre you can learn, not only the popular languages which are English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or Russian, but also less frequent languages like Hungarian, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish or Dutch.

Customised language courses!

Every company is different and so your employees may also need, for work, a completely specific vocabulary for your field of business. The Berlitz language centre is prepared to create, for your employees and managers, language lessons focused on the specific field. Whether you need lessons of business English, technical French or Spanish for sports people you can count on us.

Are you interested in online language courses for companies?

Call us on the telephone number 273 136 015 and arrange a personal meeting or a demonstration lesson for free! Do you have any questions? Write to us! We will gladly answer all of your questions and tell you the price details of each language course.

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