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Do you need official, which means, authorised translations?

Berlitz translation service offers professional translations of most world languages, mainly German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

Translation of most world languages

Thanks to our extensive network of translators we are able to ensure fast and professional translations (authorised translations with a stamp) of most world languages, both from Czech to foreign languages, and the other way round.

Delivery dates of translations

Flawless 2000 word translations with us normally take 24 hours depending on the complexity and the current workload of translators. We provide very quicktranslation services but at the same time with maximum regard for accuracy.

What kind of translation services do we provide?

• Professional translations of general and technical texts
• Official (authorised) translations of specialised texts (from the fields of medicine, law, etc.)
• Authorised translations confirmed and certified
• Quick and accurate translations of web pages

The Berlitz global education centre offers, not only professional translation, but also proofreading of general as well as technical and specialised texts.

Are you interested in professional translations?

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