ELS Language Centers®

Improving English on the US or British campuses

Who is the aim of the course?

ELS® is suitable for anybody who wants to learn English in a speedy and effective way and, at the same time, wants to benefit from his stay in the U.S.A. or Great Britain. The program flexible timing creates ideal conditions for all participants to improve their English - whether for a course at a university, work or simply for getting to know the Earth and people.

• instruction „by the watch"
• the choice range of 30 attractive sites in the USA and Great Britain
• accommodation on the university campus or at a Berlitz language centre
• courses corresponding to all requirements
• language trip to the destination organized by Berlitz

Types of ELS® courses
• intensive program - taken, for exampole, as the preparation course for a study in the USA
• semi-intensive program - intensive study of a language and a country
• program for professionals - prompt success in studying at a US campus

How much time does the language instruction abroad take?
The unique conception of our ELS® program allows all participants on any level to practise their English and experience different culture. Most parameters of the course are adaptable to the individual requirements.

How to start?
We shall be glad to answer any of your questions. Write to us or call your local language centre - we will agree with you a date where you can ask about anything. And, of course, you will get a free (Berlitz® Level/CEF) proficiency test for the current level of your employees' language knowledge to be determined.

Any questions?
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