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How learning becomes an adventure.

Language instruction in the camp is nothing like traditional school lessons. While in school a lot of new material is mostly learnt in the form of vocabulary and grammar, we in the camp place our focus on active speaking. Interviews, role-plays and language games are some of the lively teaching elements, and are great fun as well. The children and teens quickly gain the confidence to speak freely, and learn intuitively how to use the language correctly. By the way, everyone can join in - regardless of their language level. The language level assessment takes place on-site at the start of every camp. Then the groups of 8-12 participants are formed according to level.

Learning progress at Berlitz Kids and Teens Camps means first and foremost:

• Speaking more freely and fluently
• Improved pronunciation
• Improved listening comprehension
• A larger active vocabulary
• Greater assurance when applying grammatical rules
• Confidence and motivation to learn
• Quicker learning success, even for beginners
• A greater fun factor

Our experience:
• No hidden extra costs: Berlitz's top service package
• Full-board accommodation and catering
• The complete lesson program and the selected leisure program
• All equipment for sports, workshops and the evening program
• At ideal ratio of supervisors to children

Dates of the 2019 camp:
• 8. 7.–14. 7. 2019  Statek Břežany, Břežany u Rakovníka, price: 9 889 CZK

• 27. 7.–2. 8. 2019 Váňův statek, Dubovice u Pelhřimova, price: 8 889 CZK – a new location!

In case of your interest please download here:
Summer camp 2019 registration form
Terms and conditions of the 2019 camp

Do you have any questions or would you like any further information about our Kids + Teens Camps? We will be happy to advise you and provide information, with no obligation.

Summer camps are taking place at the farmhouse Břežany u Rakovníka ( The newly renovated family farmhouse from 1850 is situated on the square of a quiet and maintained village with a population of 120 people which is located on the border of central-Czech and northern-Czech regions (70 km from Prague, 42 km from Pilsner). The farmhouse is reserved exclusively for Berlitz for both dates.

There are 9 double-bed rooms and 3 - so called sleeping galleries (for 2 + 2 persons). Every room has its own bathroom with a toilet. Lessons take place on or near the grounds of the farmhouse in the fresh air and tranquil environment of the surrounding nature. There is a cozy recreation room with a fireplace and play area for kids. For lessons and other activities there is a fully equipped 80m² hall. Meals are divided into 5 (breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks) and also include an unlimited liquid intake. There is a court for foot tennis and volleyball, a playing area for street ball, soccer, table tennis and a natural swimming pool is also available. The area is also ideal for walks and excursions.

More about the location: Břežany lies in the central region of the Czech Republic, 20 km southwest of the city of Rakovník. Břežany is a picturesque town in charming countryside above the stream Javornice and surrounded by numerous places of interest - castle Krakovec (From the fairytale "Ať žijí duchové") or the baroque complex Mariánská Týnice. Nearby are Křivoklátsko and Jesenicko nature conservation areas, ideal for biking and hiking. There is also horseback riding, a farm with animals and several nearby ponds which are suitable for swimming.
NEW LOCATION! Váňův Statek – Dubovice u Pelhřimova – further information

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