Berlitz Language Courses

Lessons in more than 40 foreign languages using the Berlitz method.

Language schools currently offer multiple language courses for individuals (so-called individual/private language courses), groups (group and semi-private language courses) and companies (company language courses). However, not every language school offers specialised language courses focusing, for example, on the use of aforeign language in business relations, diplomacy etc.

Do language schools in your area offer language courses focusing on topics which you would use for your work or studies? Never mind! Unlike ordinary language schools, language courses designed according to the Berlitz Method are completely customised to the needs of the client.

The Berlitz language centre in Prague offers live language lessons in these 14 languages:

• English
• Croatian
• Czech for foreigners
• French
• Chinese
• Italian
• Hungarian
• German
• Portuguese
• Romanian
• Russian
• Serbian
• Slovakian
• Spanish

Online lessons in more than 40 languages

If you are interested in learning a foreign language which is not on offer in our Prague branch or if you are not from Prague, you can try live online foreign language lessons with a teacher from a Berlitz language centre branch abroad.

The Berlitz language centre offers the following courses:

Private language courses (Individual language lessons)
Have a teacher just for yourself for your language lessons! During private language lesson, you don’t hide behind others and you are encouraged to do your best and so you can achieve the best results. Individual foreign language lessons can take place on the language school premise, at home or at work or from anywhere via phone or internet. Blended foreign language lessons are also very popular.
Corporate language courses (Language courses for companies)
The Berlitz education centre prepares company language courses specifically customised to the needs of the company. Thanks to company language courses, your employees can improve their technical language skills specialized for your industry. Employees and management can be offered Business English lessonsas a company benefit. Language courses can take place on your company premises or elsewhere. Your language lesson schedule can be fully adapted to suit your employee’s and management’s daily schedule.
Online language courses (Language lessons via the internet)
Do you have insufficient time or desire to attend language courses at a language school? The solution is an online language course, through which you can learn foreign languages whenever and wherever it suits you. And all you need is an Internet connection.
Telephone foreign language courses
A foreign language course via the telephone is ideal for clients who want to learn a foreign language whenever and wherever it suits them.

Are you interested in language courses at Berlitz Language School?

Contact us and we will give you details about lessons in the required language. We will gladly answer your questions and prepare a quotation for you. Arrange a trial lesson for free!

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