Management courses in communication skills

Communication skills are often a deciding factor in successful business negotiations, meetings or interviews. If you feel that you have certain shortcomings in this area, management courses in communication skills are ideal for you. Our bodies are constantly communicating and transmitting messages, about what we are really thinking, to our surroundings.

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Management seminars in communication skills teach us to have these conditions perfectly under control and use them to our benefit. Thanks to them you acquire, so-called, soft skills and other important social skills which will serve as a springboard for your future success in your company and personal life.

The Berlitz centre for management education offers these management courses in communication skills:

International meetings of executives
Thanks to this management training program your employees learn to distinguish between different types of behaviour, increase their efficiency through a more extensive flow of information and generate a gain from group dynamics in a multicultural environment and their possible interactions. And above all improve their presentation skills in both English and Czech.

Successful presentations at the international level
This management training program aims to discover participants’ weaknesses during the presentation and to subsequently eliminate them. Thanks to this, your employees and managers acquire the ability to design and prepare presentations, satisfy the expectations of their listeners and distinctly improve their specialised vocabulary and language construction during presentations in Czech and also in English.

Negotiations at the international level
This management course is focused on understanding and acquiring strategies and processes for successful negotiations. During this training course your employees learn to conduct negotiations in an objective way and evaluate risk. They gain the ability to formally master negotiating methods and tools to assess your counterparts bargaining power, not only in Czech but also in English.

Berlitz management courses in communication skills pay off!
We encourage you and your employees towards maximum performance. We reveal the hidden possibilities of your communication skills! After completing our training program for managers you will have acquired a new degree of self-confidence in negotiations, not only with business partners.

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