Mimi & Me – English through games

Are you looking for English courses for children from 4 to 7 years?

Mimi & Me children’s courses of English are intended just for you! With courses of English for children of kindergarten age, English lessons become a children’s game. This program of lessons for young children is based on the proven Berlitz method and the newest scientific findings on children’s education. To prepare these innovative English lessons for children, Berlitz co-operates with world leaders in children’s education, the company Benesse.

What do children learn in Mimi & Me English courses for children?

During Mimi & Me English lessons for children, small children learn to speak and behave naturally in English as if it was their native tongue.

What do English lessons for children look like in the Mimi & Me program?

The star of this program, Mimi, with her brother Mani and other friends Peppy and Ziggy, show our young students an effective, and at the same time, fun approach to learning English. Children, with their new friends, learn English through games, songs, painting, working with their hands and videos.

• English lesson take place once a week throughout the whole school year
• Teachers are native speakers specialised in working with children
• Children can join individual lessons any month

Are you interested in Mimi & Me English courses for children?
Come to the Berlitz language centre in Prague with your children to see what English lessons for children using the Berlitz Method look like. You can start from the beginning of any month!

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