Time Zones – English courses for teenagers

Enjoyable English courses for children with native speakers.

Does it seem like English lessons at school don’t bring your children any progress? Do you want more for them? Try Time Zones – English courses in Prague led by native speakers intended for your teenagers. Time Zones – it’s an attractive program which draws young people through the most modern teaching aids, and places the primary emphasis on conversation. Thus, studying ceases to be a boring duty and becomes great fun.

Do you want your children to learn to speak English perfectly?

Unlike classic lessons of English at school, at The Berlitz language centre we place the emphasis on conversation. The program was developed in co-operation with National Geographic and deals with various themes like, for example, science and technology, nature, history, geography and other interesting themes for teenagers.

Who is the Time Zones language course intended for?

The Time Zones program is intended for youths from 12 to 16 years.

• Time Zones English lessons take place once a week throughout the school year
• Teachers are native speakers specialised in working with children
• Children can join individual lessons any month

Are you interested in Time Zones English courses for children?
Come to the Berlitz language centre in Prague with your children to see what English lessons for children using the Berlitz Method look like! You can start from the beginning of any month!

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