Berlitz Global Adventure™

Innovative program for English lessons

Who is the program intended for?

Berlitz Global AdventureTM is a completely new 4 step concept of English lessons for children, aged 8-11 years, developed in co-operation with National Geographic. It is a stimulating program which motivates children towards expressing their opinions on various questions of the current world. It assures them that they are people who matter and who can change the world. The program uses the Cengage style of lessons (a new National Geographic course ‘’Our World’’ created as the core of the course in co-operation with Cencage).

‘’Our World’’ brings young learners of English, age appropriate, National Geographic content. Enjoyable and fascinating information about the real world with amazing photographs and videos provide students with the necessary vocabulary, ability and knowledge to understand their world.

In addition to the outstanding Our World materials, Berlitz Global AdventureTM includes a Berlitz-created and Berlitz-delivered Berlitz Global AdventureTM Community: an online social learning network that enables kids using Berlitz Global AdventureTM to practice English with their peers around the world.

• Lessons take place once a week
• The program takes place throughout the whole school year
• Teachers are native speakers specialised in working with children
• Children can join individual lessons any month

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