Half-day Seminars - Berlitz Shorties

Short and sweet!

Berlitz Shorties are compact, cost-effective and to the point. Ideal for anyone who wants to get maximum results with minimal effort. Practical input and stimulating exercises inspire participants with new ideas and ensure long-term learning success, all in just four training hours. And for that extra boost to language skills, all in-house Shorties can also be booked in English!

Our topics at a glance:

Leadership and Strategy
• Team work
• Working in virtual teams
• Building a business case
• Problem solving and decision making
• Change management
• Conducting feedback sessions
• Influencing without authority

• Presentations I
• Presentations II
• How to solve conflicts
• Dealing with change
• Facilitation of workshops and meetings
• How to give and take constructive feedback
• Assertiveness training

Intercultural Competence
• Business across Cultures
• Intercultural competence: USA
• Intercultural competence: India
• Intercultural competence: China
• Welcome to Germany
• Intercultural competence: France
• Intercultural competence: Japan

Soft skills courses are your competitive advantage. Contact your nearest Berlitz centre to find more information.

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