Translation services - Russian

Flexible translations of Russian texts from native speakers

The Berlitz® team experts in Russian are native speakers or graduate experts and have relevant certificates. The condition of being a member of our translation team is excellent mastering of both Russian and Czech.

Our translation activities:
• Translations into Russian
• Translations from Russian
• Translations in all fields of expertise, including technical ones
• Certified and official translations

Quality of the Berlitz® translation service:
• Text translations into Russian are made by native speakers with perfect knowledge of Russian specificity
• Text translations from Russian are finally forwarded for proofreading, so we can guarantee the faultlessness of the Czech translated version
• We guarantee the quality of translation by eventual deduction from the final sum for the services provided

• Basic price is 590 CZK (VAT included) per standard page
• Discounts for regular customers and students

Terms of delivery:
We normally deliver text translations within 2-3 working days from the day the order is submitted. In case of most challenging or extensive text translations, we shall arrange with you an individual schedule.

How to start?
Refer, please, your requests for translations direct to the Berlitz® education center. We shall agree with you upon the extent and terms of delivery and all the particulars about the translation so that you would have it in the fitting quality and time.

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