Course Materials

Learn in a lively and flexible environment.

The success of Berlitz also lies in our modern, practical course materials. With current topics from daily life and the world of business, the course materials are always interesting. You can choose from print, audio and video material and extensive online content. All materials can of course be combined, thus giving you full flexibility.

The following course material is available to you on the BerlitzEnglish™ course, for example:

The Course Book

Look forward to authentic and lively content and exercises.

Audio CD

Whether at home or out and about. Improve your own pronunciation and test your listening comprehension skills.

Accompanying Web Program

The accompanying Web material will support you using all the opportunities made possible by the Internet: grammar exercises, vocabulary training, learning games, discussion forums, pronunciation training, business English and much more.


"English Passport", the authentic English-language magazine with up-to-date articles by American and British writers. Interested? We are of course also happy to provide you with free advice, with no obligation. Get in touch with the Berlitz language center nearest to you.

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