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Berlitz Global Leadership Training (GLT) is a comprehensive suite of learning solutions designed to effectively maximize business performance by transforming business professionals into global leaders and enabling entire organizations to develop a global-ready workforce- critical success factors in today's complex global marketplace.

Based on Berlitz's long-term expertise and a global network of professional trainers and consultants, Berlitz offers organizations integrated world-class solutions through a collaborative partnership.

No other single provider can offer such an extensive range of offerings, which include business communication skills, dynamic solutions for cultural competency, diversity and inclusive leadership training, business acumen and leadership coaching.

With a strong global presence, Berlitz has locations in more than 550 locations in over 70 countries. Berlitz GLT programs are delivered through open training programs, In-Company seminars or individual coaching.

Berlitz Management Courses

The greatest capital of every company is experienced and capable employees. Therefore, it is without a doubt a worthwhile investment for every company to train its staff. The Berlitz manager’s education centre offers specialised manager’s courses which teach managers and also employees of your company the necessary skills to 100% utilization of their potential.

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Berlitz management courses use a variety of methods, strategies and tactical procedures, whose aim is optimal utilization of talent at the national and global level.

Berlitz management courses as part of Global Leadership training

Management courses in communication skills
80% of the success rate in negotiations, meetings or job interviews depends on the level of communication skills. If your employees still have room for improvement in this area then management courses focused on communication skills are designed just for them. You can choose from our offers of communication skills seminars or let us create a management training program tailored to your business needs.
Management courses for business and leadership
Management courses focused on human resources, implementing organisational change, strategies and tactics through confrontation in a group, forming successful leaders in a global organisation and using global strategies.
Management courses for intercultural education
Management training programs where your managers learn how to negotiate with foreign business partners, how to prevent misunderstandings and embarrassment and how to get the most out of negotiations with foreigners. Intercultural training programs help your employees understand foreign cultures, their values, cultural and business practices and be able to interpret them correctly.
Berlitz Shorties half day management seminar for effective leadership
The half day seminar for managers package includes practical hand-outs and stimulating exercises focused on communication, project management and sales, working methods, relationship management with clients, leadership and strategic negotiations and the competence to negotiate in different cultural environments.

Are you interested in management training?
Do you need your managers and employees to improve in specific areas or do you want to try various typical situations as part of company training and learn to manage brilliantly. Contact us through the contact form or by telephone on this number 273 136 015 and let us suggest a seminar for managers tailored to your needs.

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