Blended language lessons

Learn languages even more effectively thanks to blended language lessons! Berlitz blended language lessons combine the benefits of self-study with live language lessons, online or telephone language courses. You can therefore learn languages when and where you want, and during conversation lessons, reinforce what you learned during self-study.

How do blended language lessons work?

After you have finished your individual lessons during you own period of self-study, we will check your attained knowledge in live, telephone or virtual lessons. Home preparation and live lessons are interconnected and linked.

Types of blended language lessons

• Self-study + full time lessons in Prague
If you are from Prague and the surrounding areas, try private lessons at home, in your office or at the Berlitz language centre in Prague! Improve you knowledge of English, acquired during self-study, through conversation English lessons. During lessons with your teacher – a native speaker speaks only English the whole time, and the contents are completely tailored to your needs.
• Self-study + telephone lessons
If you can’t go to a language school for Berlitz combined lessons you canstudy the following languages anytime and anyplace, over the phone: English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. A Berlitz teacher is connected to you by phone or Skype – a native speaker – at a previously arranged time, and you can practise, in the form of conversation, what you acquired during your self-studies.
• Self-study + online lessons in the Berlitz virtual classroom
With the combination of self-study and studies in the Berlitz virtual classroom you can improve in English even more effectively than through classical private lessons. In the virtual classroom you are connected to a teacher – a native speaker – at an arranged time. The whole lesson is then recorded and you can play it again later.

We offer lessons in more than 40 world languages

Would you like to study a language, which schools don’t commonly offer? With Berlitz you have the choice of more than 40 foreign languages. You can study 14 world languages in the form of live studies in Prague. You can study a further 28 languages in the Berlitz virtual classroom.

Are you interested in blended language lessons?

Would you like to know more about them? Visit our language centre in Prague, write to us, or contact us by phone on the number 273 136 015. We will gladly answer your questions or arrange a free trial lesson for you!

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